Summer is here and so are the Euros. With many people now accustomed to the new normality of working from home, the sunny days have brought nothing but a small pleasure and according to the (weather forecast), there is plenty more sunshine to come. With that in mind, now is a perfect time to fire up the grill and take advantage of our BBQs. Most Brits will certainly take the opportunity to host Euro parties as the government allow us to socialise with each other, and not only does reuniting with family and friends bring a more positive light to our mental health but there are also some health benefits of using BBQs.


What are the health benefits of using barbeques?


1. Reducing fat consumption from grilling

Grilling meat can help lessen the amount of fat you consume. The excess fat drips away through the grates when you grill or barbeque food, whereas pan-frying keeps the fats sloshing about to be absorbed back into the meat. The NHS even advises grilling meat to lower your fat intake, as well as trimming off visible fats before cooking.


2. Grilling vegetables on the barbie are better!

A good grill can’t go without good veg to go with your meat. Grilling vegetables on the barbeque is not only healthy but delicious! It helps to lower your fat intake as you don’t need much oil to cook vegetables. Plus, the slow-cook method of barbequing helps to lock in vitamins and minerals in those juicy veggies.


3. Carcinogen-free food

Worried about the coals in your barbeque? Some doctors have suggested people switch to bottled gas for their barbeques instead, as it could be healthier.

This is because charcoal is a type of carcinogen, as the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines wreak havoc on the health factor of food cooked on an open flame. These cancer-causing chemicals have become a cause for concern for many, so switching to gas is the easy fix. Check out some gas bottle prices and make the switch to keep your barbeque healthy!

Plus, unlike coals, bottled gas is much easier to control, and in turn, the temperature is easier to control. Lighting the outside burners rather than the centre one and popping your food in the middle of the grill with the lid closed is an excellent way to keep that temperature manageable.


4. Quality over quantity

So long as you’re not overcooking things on the barbeque, your food will be flavourful and moisture-locked. As a result, you will be less likely to add condiments (and therefore, extra fats) to your food. This helps to keep an eye on those calories, as well as knocking down your sugar intake.


5. Locked-in nutrients

People love the taste of a good, barbequed meal. It’s great to know then that not only is barbequed food tasty, but it’s also packed with vitamins thanks to the method of cooking preserving those all-important nutrients!

Grilling outdoors can be fun and healthy, and the best of it is that it can be done at any part of the day. Why not grill it up in the evening? If you experience a little chill, then light up your outdoor heater which will keep your recently reunited guests or your household cosy.