The herbal industry has experienced significant growth and transformation in recent years as more people turn to natural remedies with reported benefits.

The landscape of the herbal industry encompasses various sectors, including herbal medicine, dietary supplements, herbal teas, essential oils, and herbal cosmetics.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longfiolia) was introduced to the market as early as 1995, but the market was filled with quality issues due to impurities and adulterants.

According to Dr. Andrew Huberman from Stanford University, “The supplement market is filled with garbage.”

However, things have changed in the last decade as more clinical trials were conducted to validate Tongkat Ali’s benefits.

Fast forward to 2023, consumers are shifting to quality Tongkat Ali supplements in recent years to benefit from its purportedly wide range of health benefits – despite concerns of rising side effects.

Further investigations to the top supplements in the US showed that most best-selling Tongkat Ali supplements are not clinically tested. Only less than 1% are lab tested and clinically tested to work.

It means consumers are not getting the benefits of Tongkat Ali as advertised.

In the background, placebo-controlled clinical trials on Tongkat Ali continue to rise to verify its wide range of health benefits such as testosterone, libido, muscle strength, fat loss, anaerobic performance, immune system and mood.

We reached out to Shahid Shayaa, Founder of AKARALI, to better understand the consumer insights and landscape.

AKARALI is a leading Tongkat Ali supplement that is clinically tested with more than 26 clinical trials on humans, manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, and lab tested by EUROFINS.

“We have seen a significant shift of consumers buying more clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements due to better efficacy and higher safety standards”, he said.

He added the best Tongkat Ali supplements are using standardized hot water root extract to gain the most benefits due to higher eurycomanone, eurypeptides, glycosaponin and pollysacharrides.

“We live in the digital world where consumers expect faster results and higher gains from Tongkat Ali”, he further explained.

With expected benefits in 30 days or less and new levels of safety tests being conducted each year, does that mean more medical professionals are recommending Tongkat Ali to their patients?

We reviewed some of the top medical professionals to get more insights and their thoughts about Tongkat Ali.

Dr. Rena Malik, Dr. Andrea Militello, Dr. Ismail Tambi, and Professor Kery Bone are part of a growing number of medical and healthcare professionals who are passionate about Tongkat Ali benefits.

According to Dr. Rena Malik (M.D), an urologist specializing in men’s health from the University of Maryland, she covered extensively on Tongkat Ali’s supplementation and its effects on health.

“If you want the best Tongkat Ali, watch out for hot water root extract”, she said in her last video of Tongkat Ali.

Andrologist Dr. Andrea Militello (M.D) mentioned Tongkat Ali’s benefits and how it may benefit men’s fertility and reduce ED-related symptoms. Dr. Miltello is an award-winning doctor based in Rome and runs more than 7 clinics in Italy.

Whilst you do not require any prescriptions from doctors to buy Tongkat Ali, you are advised to consult your medical professionals first before using it, and also to check for other underlying medical conditions or drugs interactions that may cause severe side effects.

But in reality, that rarely happens. And Consumers continue to purchase Tongkat Ali to achieve their health goals.

And we are seeing more older men and women buying Tongkat Ali for overall revitalization to restore hormonal balance. According to WHO, 1 in 6 people will be aged 60 by 2030, and the usage of Tongkat Ali as an aging supplement is expected to rise exponentially.

With more than 500 Tongkat Ali products on Amazon, consumers are now overwhelmed by choices.

This means doing your research on Tongkat Ali brands that are reputable and backed by quality Tongkat Ali extract is more crucial than simply falling for the marketing hype.

As the world is experiencing a major shift to more natural supplements, consumers want the best.

If you want the best, clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements using standardized hot water extract sets a new benchmark that will exceed consumers’ expectations and industry standards.

What’s left is your own effort to do your research before buying one.