What Fitness Equipment You Can Use At Home For An Effective Workout

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Fitness and physical involvement are two key elements of maintaining good health. People have their own needs and preferences when it comes to fitness routines, habits, diet, and most importantly, fitness settings. To name a few, there are people who love to run early in the morning, individuals that go straight to the gym after work, or those who enjoy physical activities with social elements to it. These situations have one thing in common: they perform physical activities in public venues.

Given the situation brought by the pandemic today, fitness enthusiasts have limited access to public gyms, fitness centers, and courts. There’s a high possibility that this will continue as the ‘new normal.’ To ensure one’s safety while working out, why not accomplish your workout sessions at your home or apartment?


At-Home Workouts: The Solution You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you have the free space inside your home, you can have all the privacy that you want by at-home exercises. Even the busiest people can compress exercises into their schedule as they won’t have to prepare, pack things, and travel to the gym back and forth. It also allows you to eliminate distractions and concentrate on your progress.

Is there anything that can stop an individual from working out at home? Unfortunately, there is. Gyms and fitness centers have plenty of fitness equipment that not all homes already have. If you’re really going for a more active lifestyle while staying at home, here’s a list of fitness equipment and items worth investing in:


1. Stationary Bike

A stationary bike is similar to a regular bicycle–with the same principles of pedaling and counterbalancing that occur when cycling. Having a stationary bike is an excellent exercise bike to lose weight. This is because it facilitates calorie burning while strengthening the lungs, heart, and muscles.

One of the biggest advantages of using a stationary bike is that they provide a much lower impact than a regular bike. Because of the stability provided by the bicycle frame, there’s not as much stress on the knees and joints as is experienced with a regular bicycle. Because of the stability offered by the bicycle frame, most stationary bikes are relatively quiet, allowing you to enjoy your workout without having to hear loud clanging or annoying crashes.


2. Protein Powders

While it’s not exactly described as a piece of equipment, protein powders guide one’s journey towards being fit. As the name suggests, protein powders are protein supplements that assist muscle growth, promote weight loss, and added nutrition.

The biggest misconception surrounding protein powders is that they’re only taken by bodybuilders, but they’re actually meant for people of all ages, particularly those who are regularly active as it helps them achieve better recovery.

Protein powders exist in a plethora of bases and flavors, and this best gold standard whey protein flavor is definitely a great choice that you can take any day.


3. Fitness Mat

Residential flooring, while built for structural integrity and safety, are incomparable to gym flooring that’s specific for physical activities. When starting your at-home fitness journey, a fitness or exercise mat is always one of the must-have lists as they help you achieve a safer, more comfortable, and more effective workout.

Here are some benefits of doing your workout routines on a fitness mat:

  • Allows safety and support
  • Promotes cleanliness
  • Gives you a dedicated space to exercise
  • Portable and can be used in different settings

However, if you’re doing yoga and Pilates, make sure to purchase a dedicated yoga mat as they tend to be thicker than a regular exercise mat, which provides stability while allowing you to feel your poses properly.


4. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are among the most versatile tools available for home workouts as they can be used for different routines and with different muscle groups. If you’re looking to gain more muscle, then resistance bands are one of your best options. Resistance bands are ideal for anyone because they’re low impact and don’t require additional equipment to get started.

While traditional weight machines and free weights allow you to target just a few major muscle groups at a time, resistance bands allow you to target a variety of muscle groups at the same time. For example, by using resistance bands, you can work your chest and triceps simultaneously.


5. Dumbbells

If you want to focus on single-joint exercises, dumbbells are the perfect equipment for you. Like resistance bands, dumbbells are excellent multi-purpose equipment that you can work around with different exercises.

Dumbbell training is also a great family activity that covers all age groups, so you can start teaching your children some resistance training and keep your seniors engaged.

Here are just a few benefits of lifting weights using dumbbells:

  • Determine and solve issues with strength imbalance
  • Enhance range of motion
  • Improve muscle engagement and stabilization
  • Improve bone density
  • Different strength levels available


6. Weighted Jump Rope

Jump ropes are like the underdog of fitness, but it has its own outstanding benefits. Did you know that using the jumping rope in your place can be more effective than jogging a long-distance? With the help of jump rope training, you won’t need to get out of your apartment to jog every morning. Also, they don’t take any significant space when stored in your home, and you can bring it everywhere.

Using weighted jump ropes than normal jump ropes create more resistance and increase muscle coordination and engagement. Because of the weight placed on the jump rope, you can work on the strength of different body parts in the same routine, such as upper body strength, core strength, and grip strength.


7. Wireless Earphones

Working out is a fun and exciting activity, but you can further amp up your regular exercises by listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or even the workout routine video itself using a pair of wireless earphones. Make sure to choose wireless earphones that are meant for sports as they have better features, such as better portability, secure yet comfortable fit, waterproof, situation awareness features, and decent sound quality.

While wireless earphones aren’t entirely a necessity for your workout routine and not a deal-breaker for some people, using them during a workout can elevate your mood, improve concentration, remove any distractions, and divert one’s self from fatigue and pain.



Despite staying at home with limited time to get physical, it’s still important to include exercise and physical activity weekly for at least 150 minutes. Working out at home is a great option to stay healthy and active, and getting assisted with these pieces of fitness equipment can definitely help you achieve a more effective workout that you’ll be proud of.

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