Why You Should Consider Training as A Midwife


Midwifery is an ancient occupation that is practiced in virtually every culture around the globe. It represents a holistic approach to the health, care, and wellbeing of both mothers and babies, not just during the birth of the baby, but also before and after. In fact, midwives monitor the health of the mother and baby the whole way through, from the moment a newly pregnant woman discovers she is expecting until she and her baby are happy, healthy, and confident enough to continue alone.

There are few vocations on the planet that could be more precious, as your experience every day bears witness to the anticipation, fear, and joy of each new arrival. The talent, skill, and dedication of midwives make them an invaluable resource for expectant parents as they perform a service that is both challenging and rewarding.


Caring for Patients

There is nothing that is more rewarding in any profession than caring for and bringing value to the lives of others. Midwives, in particular, offer compassion and reassurance in what can be the scariest time of any young woman’s life. The midwife is responsible for the health and vitality of the mother and baby, both physically and mentally.

Part of caring for their patients is attending the birth of the baby (or in the incidence of multiple births, babies). This is the most joyous occasion in a young couple’s life and sharing in it is a privilege and an honor. As a midwife, you will earn the gratitude of your charges as you deliver healthy new babies into the world to be adored by their doting parents.


Continued Support

However, the job of a midwife doesn’t end with birth. Following the birth of the baby, the parents will have a multitude of questions as the baby grows and as the mother’s body adjusts, and the midwife is responsible for the continued support and health of both mother and baby. For first-time mothers, this is unchartered territory that can be difficult to navigate alone, but the midwife offers the support and reassurance that new mothers need.

Breastfeeding can also be a tumultuous time for many mothers, as they cope with social awkwardness as well as medical issues that can arise. However, midwives are there to solve all these issues and offer advice and tips that can make the whole process a lot easier and more settled.


Continually Evolving Education

Any medical practice is a constantly evolving field. New techniques and practices are always being introduced, and it is paramount that any medical professional stays on top of the latest research. This is certainly true of midwives, too, who should be prepared to keep up to date and educated on the latest practices.

Of course, this means that rather than remaining stagnant, midwives are expected to attend conferences, lectures, debates, and training in new skills to enrich their knowledge. This includes important information and updates on matters such as breech skills, breastfeeding, managing labor pains, and dealing with multiple births.


Travel Opportunities

With every new mother comes a new location, as midwives perform a significant portion of their duties in the homes of their charges. Furthermore, being a midwife gives you the opportunity to travel around the globe. This is because demand on an international scale means jobs are available all over the world. Should you wish to do some traveling but stay closer to home, you may choose to work with an agency, such www.fusionmedstaff.com, that can place you in various locations around the US, filling in gaps as and when needed. This gives you the flexibility to choose your jobs based on their location.

In a job like this, there is no monotony. Whether you chose to travel or not, each day is different and entirely unpredictable, keeping you interested and on your top form.


Building Relationships

As a midwife, you get to build relationships with the mothers you care for, and this, in turn, builds trust. Mothers put their lives and the lives of their unborn babies in your hands, as well as trusting you to manage the pain of childbirth in a way that they know is in the best interest of both themselves and the baby. You are responsible for keeping them both safe and healthy, as well as keeping expectant fathers calm.


Growing Demand

The growth rate for jobs in midwifery is four times that of the national average. This means that recent graduates can expect to land a job quickly with masses of security. Additionally, but there is a lot of opportunity within the profession, as many midwives can pursue further education and specialize in specific areas.


Become an Advocate for Women and Families

As a midwife, not only will you build lasting relationships with the women you serve, but you will also empower women to become actively involved in making decisions surrounding their healthcare and birth choices.


And, Of Course, the Opportunity to Cuddle Babies

You are there as they enter the world and are often the first touch that they feel outside of the womb. You are also a part of that moment when a mother holds her baby for the first time. Seeing couples connect and wonder at the arrival of a newborn is an experience that not many people will have the chance to witness.

Consider training as a midwife: new parents will look to you for guidance on how to hold and soothe their newborn as a person of authority, a person they trust.

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