Deciding to ditch the digital world for a while and reconnect with nature is a great way to detox yourself from the stress of everyday life. Whether you are looking to run into the Alps or swim in the ocean, leaving your devices behind can be the best thing for your well-being.

With most of us using multiple devices daily and nearly 70% of people still working while on holiday, it is more important than ever to put down your devices and step away from your screens.

Here, we will explore the benefits of a digital detox and ways you can achieve this.


Benefits of a digital detox



Detoxing yourself from digital technology won’t only help you reconnect with friends and family, but it can also help you reconnect with nature and yourself. By spending time away from social media, emails, and other daily life stressors, you can begin to prioritize your own mental and physical well-being.


Sleep better

Staying away from technology can also help improve your sleeping pattern and quality of sleep. Blue light, which you are exposed to through your phone, can disrupt your sleep and affect your melatonin production. And this is not only from using your technology before bed; exposure to it throughout the day can produce the same effect.


Improve mental health

Reducing your screen time can also help boost your mental health. It is no secret that social media can negatively influence mental well-being; from the stress of appearing perfect to comparing yourself to others, it is manipulating emotions to maintain engagement. Removing yourself from constant engagement can benefit you mentally and physically as you remove the negative impacts driven by technology.


Increase attention

A digital detox can also benefit your attention span, making it easier to concentrate on tasks. Devices are increasingly made for efficiency and speed, dragging our attention spans and patience with them. By removing yourself from technology, you can concentrate for extended periods and have a sharper focus and attention to detail. This will not only improve your quality of life and relaxation, as you notice more in your immediate vicinity, but you might also benefit from a better quality of work when you return from your holidays.


How to achieve a digital detox


Try new hobbies and activities

A digital detox doesn’t mean boredom. You can use this time to experiment with new activities and hobbies, whether painting, mushroom foraging, or learning a new language. Alongside the increased attention span, you might find it easier to enjoy new hobbies and learn new skills.


Explore nature

With no need for signal or Wi-Fi, you can explore even more remote areas you might not have considered before. Using this time to explore nature can help your mindfulness and connection with your emotions. Spending time in nature can help reduce ruminations, making you less stressed and more likely to find calmness during your time off than if you were to spend the time indoors.


Gather with friends and family

Use this time away from your technology to reconnect with friends and family. Rather than receiving updates on their lives and celebrating through social media, make sure to group your nearest and dearest for a technology-free occasion. This could be at your home or, if the temptation of technology is too much, out in nature, such as at the beach or in the woods.

Organise a day without your phones, and make sure you plan thoroughly. You may want to buy some meat and gas for BBQs to host a fantastic meal at a campsite, or you could spend the day hiking through your nearest nature reserve with only a map and written directions.


Go on a digital detox holiday

And if you feel a self-imposed digital detox might be too challenging to start with, plenty of locations can help. Finding a digital detox hotel or spa retreat can encourage you to step away from the screens and focus more on yourself. These locations often have a variety of activities, too, helping you learn new foods and cultures without needing your phone.

Give yourself time to “switch off” and remove yourself from the digital landscape. Instead, find yourself exploring nature, reconnecting with friends, and finding new hobbies. By embracing a digital detox, you can learn more about yourself, reset your mindset away from the stressors of work and daily life, and improve your mental and physical well-being in time to return to work. Whether you enjoy BBQs on a beach with friends to reflect on memories or you try your hand at bird watching in the Algarve, by leaving your devices behind, you can begin to experience life more.