Quite often we set ourselves goals to achieve, but they can quickly begin to feel like a chore. If you’re eager to commit to learning a new skill, why not make it something you enjoy? This could even be a hobby, anything from gardening to snowboarding.

This article will consider some of the reasons why you should learn a new skill. Then, we will explore some of the options you can try this year. Whether you’re looking for the thrill of a lifetime or just a way to relax and unwind, we’ve got the hobby for you.


Improving your mental wellbeing

Did you know learning a new skill can actually improve your mental health? Here are some reasons why.


Nourishment for your body and mind

Any kind of physical activity, such as team sports, is proven to reduce stress and improve self-esteem. In comparison, hobbies that involve less movement can be just as beneficial. You might not be exhausted after learning to crochet, but you’ll probably break a mental sweat. In fact, exercising your brain can enhance your cognitive functions, from your problem-solving abilities to concentration.


Meet new people and feel a sense of community

One of the many benefits of learning a new skill is the community you can find in the process. Whether you’re attending weekly book clubs or speaking with fellow movie enthusiasts on social media, mixing with others may improve your wellbeing. Research shows that forming friendships encourages a sense of belonging, and reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness.


Travelling around the world and reducing stress

If you’re lucky, your hobby will give you the chance to travel around the world. We’ve all experienced the blissful feeling of being on holiday that relaxes the soul. In fact, exploring the world is a great way to reduce stress and prevent burnout. So, take a risk and learn a new skill that will expand your horizon – literally.


Exciting hobbies you can learn this year

There are lots of hobbies you can learn this year. Here are three that we think will teach you new skills and improve your wellbeing.



Snowboarding is perfect for thrill seekers. If you’re eager to go on an adventure amidst splendid snowy landscapes, this may be the skill for you to learn this year. An exciting hobby, snowboarding is an exhilarating way to travel around the world. This can lead to a number of great opportunities, whether it’s indulging in another culture or meeting friends that you’ll cherish for life. You can even enrol on a snowboard instructor course and create a career out of your hobby – who doesn’t want that?



Gardening is a great way to spend more time outdoors. You can learn how to nurture an assortment of flowers, plants, and even fruit and vegetables. Your garden will look spectacular, and you may find yourself feeling nourished and revitalised. In the UK, 49.91% of people aged 55+ agreed gardening helps them relax. This is higher than other age groups, but people of any age can utilise the calming powers of gardening. After all, most people have a garden. If you don’t, you can purchase some houseplants and bring nature indoors.


Mastering music

Music has the ability to brighten our day, but we don’t need to limit ourselves to listening. Learning how to play an instrument can also be incredibly fulfilling. Not only will you be able to entertain your friends and family, playing an instrument is great for your wellbeing. Music therapy is beneficial for people of all ages. According to the British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT), playing an instrument can encourage creativity and boost self-esteem.


These are some of the hobbies you can learn – and why stop there? The world is full of skills waiting to be mastered, so you can spend this year doing what you love. It doesn’t matter how old you are, anybody can start the year with the aim of learning new skills and finding new hobbies.