SALF SpA Laboratorio Farmacologico

SALF SpA Laboratorio Farmacologico

Best Veterinary Drugs Manufacturer - Italy & Award for Injectable Solutions 2018

Italy. History. Healthcare. All in one place.

S.A.L.F. S.p.A. Laboratorio Farmacologico is an Italian company with almost 100 years long history that is authorized and certified for production of veterinarian pharmaceuticals. Today, our products are 1st choice for the majority of the veterinarians all over the national territory. We also export our product to numerous countries.

SALF manufactures products both under its own name and in contract manufacturing.

The list of veterinarian drugs is composed of:

Sodium Chloride 0,9%
Ringer Lactate
Water for Injection
Glucose with Methionine
Rehydration Electrolyte Solution III