Best Psychological Therapy Provider - South Holland

PSYCHE - Psychological support in your own language


For those seeking emotional recovery and/or the tools to combat negative thought processes, psychological care and support provided by an experienced and empathetic therapist can be a great way for individuals to learn new coping skills and improve their psychological well-being. 

Psyche, a one-person enterprise run by accomplished therapist Cristina Baroncelli, is committed to showing clients that even negative and distressing periods in life can be overcome, offering the possibility for individuals to discover their own true-selves. 

Having lived in various countries before moving to the Netherlands in 2000, Cristina is an expat who is extremely passionate about her work; she remains dedicated to helping expats, as well as locals, acquire the skills necessary to regain control of their lives. 

Cristina states:

‘There is no judgement: being an expat myself, I know that life can be difficult, far away from home, with different habits and a different culture.  Currently Psyche has grown to be a company that is known within the expat community in The Hague, The Netherlands.’

Since entering the health sector in 2004, Cristina’s goal has been to help clients unlock their true potential and this remains to be the case. 

To read further information about the services offered by Psyche, please visit: www.mijnpsyche.nl