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Best Minimal Impact Surgery Tools Developer 2021 Most Innovative Surgical Instrument 2021: CoolSealâ„¢ Reveal Open Sealer
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<i class=""><span class="">The safety and innovation that built Bolder Surgical’s reputation in pediatric surgery is now finding application in adult surgical procedures. The new CoolSealTM<span class="x_1213533797Apple-converted-space"> </span>Reveal Open Sealer/Divider/Dissector is tailor-made for tight spaces and when visibility of the surgical field is essential.  Reveal performs with precision while minimizing the thermal footprint and avoiding damage to adjacent critical structures1,2. Powered with the gold-standard efficacy of advanced bipolar RF vessel sealing technology, Reveal produces secure, reliable seals in less than 1 second3. Slim, curved dual-action jaws and shafted design for deep dissection make Reveal ideal for head and neck procedures. Learn more at</span></i>