Cannabis Education Guild

Award for Excellence in Global Cannabis Education & Knowledge Transfer 2020
<p>The Cannabis Education Guild (CEG) is a platform focused on global cannabis<br /> education, and social good. ​<br /> ​<br /> Founded by Canadians who have worked in the legal cannabis sector for over five<br /> years, the Cannabis Education Guild acts as a centre for learning &#8211; supporting and<br /> empowering the global industry to have more honest, thoughtful, and successful<br /> cannabis conversations. </p> <p>CEG offers a platform to help learn and measure cannabis knowledge. Through<br /> webinars, seminars, and online modules, CEG helps to improve cannabis<br /> understanding, and subject matter confidence<br /> Investing in education with the Guild is an investment in social good. 20% of net profits<br /> are donated to a social impact fund to develop a slavery-free cannabis industry. </p> <p><br /><br /> LinkedIn:<br /> Instagram: @cannabiseducationguild</p>