Best Private Healthcare & Rehabilitation Community - South East England
Innovation Award for Remote Patient Monitoring Technology - South East England
<p>The core proposition of the CareRooms model is to address the mental and physical health of<br /> each patient and Host by creating a safe opportunity for people to meet and care for each other. The side effect of sharing income and resources is to prevent loneliness for both the host and the guest during the stay and as a result to extend independence and “wellbeing” for both.</p> <p>By utilising technology for quality, safe guarding, governance and communication we are able to<br /> find spare rooms in carefully screened homes where the owner is keen to provide a calm recovery space. We can then add care from those Hosts who are more formally trained, we unlock care capacity in our communities, which is a theme that many councils are keen to explore. This model looks to expand options around domiciliary care and to provide an alternative form of “home first” which places positive mental health at the forefront. Whilst the model was established to provide short term care, we have started to be asked for more of a Fostercare model where Hosts and Guests can support each other and reduce social isolation and care costs</p>