Celluma By BioPhotas

Celluma By BioPhotas

Best Pain Alleviation Light Therapy Company - West Coast USA

Celluma Light Therapy devices are made in the USA by BioPhotas, a medical device company. Ideal as a stand-alone, proven treatment for Wound Healing, Diabetic Ulcers, Acne, Wrinkles and Pain or as an added-on therapy pre-and post-surgery, facials, LASER, peels, microneedling, massage and more! Celluma is results-driven and praised for its versatility. All Celluma device carry FDA-clearance and medical CE Mark. During the recent COVID-19 crisis the company has pivoted operations to the manufacture of medical Face Masks for the protection and safety of frontline medical workers.

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Phone: (714) 978 0080

Website: www.Celluma.com