Chinese Herbcare & Acupuncture

Excellence Award for Acupuncture Treatment - Lincolnshire
<p>Chinese Herbcare &#038; Acupuncture has been established since 2003. For nearly over 18 years, we have used traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and natural herbs), to successfully treat people with all kinds of conditions; such as back pain, arthritis, stress, depression, headache, asthma, sinus, sciatica, neuralgia, indigestion, eczema, shingles, hay fever, migraines, menopause etc. We aim our treatment at the whole body rather than the symptoms. </p> <p>Our experienced professional Chinese traditional medicine doctor provides patients with individually designed treatments which helps their body heal naturally and also promotes their long-term health and well-being.</p> <p>Uniquely, we also offer hot cupping therapy, acupressure, ear candles and allergy testing.</p> <p>Website:</p> <p>Email:</p>