Choice Health Centre

Most Dedicated Multi-Disciplinary Healthcare Practice - Nova Scotia
Award for Excellence in Allied & Private Health Leadership 2020
<p>Choice Health Centre is a multi-disciplinary health care clinic with two locations in Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada. Services include chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, psychology, acupuncture, and pedorthic services. We also specialize in Concussion Management, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and the cutting edge technologies of shockwave therapy, laser therapy and advanced wireless muscle stimulation.Our innovative approach to health care, known as The Choice Difference, is what leads to our successful patient outcomes and therefore the success of our company. It is based upon synergystic co-management of cases, though a patient-centred, one patient- one chart system and timely and appropriate referrals. </p> <p>Website:</p>