Connie Pretula | Menopause Navigator

Best Holistic Nutrition Services Provider - Canada
<p>Women put their lives aside for their careers, their relationships and their families.<br /> When they reach menopause they feel it is too late to follow a lifelong passion or dream<br /> or succeed in new goals.<br /> It’s time to put your self first!<br /> Connie Pretula is a leader in helping women redefine their menopause, themselves and<br /> their future.<br /> Menopause is an opportunity for women to be the author of their future, and it can be<br /> the beginning of the best years of their life.<br /> Connie design’s premium personalized programs to help women find or regain their<br /> inner warrioress, their inner Goddess and help them create healthy fulfilling lifestyles to<br /> empower their soul.</p>