Diabetic Dabs Inc.

Blood Testing Cleaning Product of the Year - USA
<p>Diabetic Dabs® Inc. is a true attestment to the saying “necessity is the mother of invention.” Founder and President Elizabeth Sacco developed the dabs® after her son David was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Soon after David’s diagnosis she realized there was a missing component is his testing routine. A safe and clean way to remove the excess blood left on his finger after glucose testing. Inspired by her son and the diabetes community, Elizabeth patented, conceived, and brought to market Diabetic Dabs®. The product originated to bring value to those living with diabetes, however, over time we have seen all the various applications the dabs® can provide. Dabs® are the tiny wipes with a million uses! Check out our website: www.gottagetdabs.com or email info@gottagetdabs.com.</p>