Dr Julian Medical Group

Most Empowering Online Mental Health Platform 2020
<p>Dr Julian is an innovative mental healthcare platform that increases the accessibility of mental healthcare. We connect patients almost immediately to mental healthcare therapists by secure video/audio/text appointments using a calendar appointment booking system. We match a patient to the correct therapist for them using filters via language/ issue and therapy type and offer every organisation we work with their own unique customised white-labelled version of our platform. Customised notes templates and registration forms can be created on the platform. </p> <p>We are working with a number of NHS trusts and IAPT services with excellent recovery rates and a lower did not attend rate than face to face equivalents.</p> <p>We also work with corporate companies providing mental health support for employees and with referral companies such as occupational health, charities and insurance companies who can refer patients to us. Do get in touch if interested to hear more.</p> <p>Email: julian@dr-julian.com www.dr-julian.com</p>