Dyna Tabs

Most Innovative Dietary Supplement Product Range: Dyna Tabs
DYNATABS® LLC. trademarked brands of superior “super impact” convenience-oriented, efficacious, positive aging, wellness maintenance supplement management product lines has focused on the creation, manufacturing, and global distribution of its proprietary customized functional ever-expanding solutions-specific large assortment of wellness supplements that are expertly formulated by our herbalists and alchemists through the right combination of potent vitamins, wholesome natural nutrients ingredients, and good clean hydration management. DYNATABS® LLC. oral edible supplements strips target a large product demand niche of the 40% of the population of all ages worldwide who cannot swallow pills with the ideal solution by the perfected manufacturing a rapid delivery wellness supplements that are formulated as an convenient, choke-free oral edible strip, in a variety of tropical and traditional great tasting flavors that dissolve quickly on the tongue to promptly flow throughout the body delivering complete nutrient value without the burdensome need of diluting water. www.dynatabs.com