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Health & Nutrition Influencer of the Year (Ireland): Laura Warren

Consultant nutritionist Laura Warren has an infectious passion for health and nutrition.

Laura has been involved in the health and beauty industry since 2005, when she graduated with ITEC and CIBTAC qualifications. She is a Graduate in Health & Nutrition Coaching and Sports Nutrition for Weight Control &
Performance with an Advanced BTEC Diploma with the Irish Institute of Health & Nutrition. Laura is also a member of The Nutrition Society and The Association of Health Care Journalists and Harvard Health Medical School.

Elite Living Health & Nutrition specialises in health and nutrition coaching and sports nutrition for weight control and performance. It helps clients to make lasting changes to their eating habits, to ensure a healthier and happier lifestyle. Some of Elite’s services include helping with weight loss, reducing cravings for sugar and other unhealthy foods, alleviating digestive
problems, gently detoxing and helping clients to gain more energy naturally and achieve greater balance in life. Laura’s philosophy is that beauty begins within, and believes men and women deserve to be and to feel the very best version of themselves.