Leading Pioneers of AI Drug Discovery Technology 2020
Exscientia is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven drug discovery and design. By fusing the power of AI with the discovery experience of seasoned drug hunters, Exscientia is the first company to automate drug design, surpassing conventional human approaches. Exscientia’s innovative Centaur Chemist™ platform enables breakthrough productivity gains as well as new approaches to improve drug efficacy. Novel compounds are automatically designed and prioritised for synthesis by its AI systems, which rapidly generate compounds towards the desired candidate criteria for clinical development. Since its foundation in 2012, Exscientia has secured multiple pharma and biotech collaborations with companies including Celgene, GSK, Sanofi, Bayer and Evotec, estimated to be worth over a $1 billion in total development milestones and royalties