Forget Me Knot Sports Therapy

Sports Massage Therapist of the Year (South Wales): Jenny Meeneghan
<p>FMK Fitness takes a dynamic approach to massage and musculoskeletal dysfunctions. </p> <p>Not only is the initial complaint addressed, I also look at the reason behind the current pain or injury. </p> <p>Working on the basis that no two people are the same, therefore no two injuries are the same, I look at everything from alignment irregularities to neurological dysfunctions to assess and treat a patient. </p> <p>The patients I treat know not to always expect a ‘traditional’ style deep tissue massage, but as every person is different, so is every treatment. I use a variety of skills and therapies to treat patients including acupressure mats, movement, percussive therapy and deep tissue massage.</p> <p>Instagram:</p> <p>Website:</p>