Best Hospital Storage & Waste Management Systems Company - Europe
<p>Founded in 1948, FH is a family owned business located in South Tyrol, north east of Italy.​<br /> FH develops storage, transport and distribution systems that improve the effectiveness and<br /> productivity of nurses and healthcare workers. </p> <p>FH’s products are rich and varied: from ward trolleys (distribution of medication, bedside laundry change and patient hygiene, emergency carts, etc.) to stainless steel equipment for operating theatres, from transport columns to different shelving systems and cupboards.<br /> Gathering feedback from end users and implementing it into our products is a priority.<br /> We are proud of the length of service of our products, of the fact that they are almost fully<br /> recyclable at end of life, and also that customers are very satisfied with our after sales service. </p> <p>Link:<br /> Email: </p> <p>Contact person:​<br /> Lida Vascon (Ms.)​<br /> Mirko Wenter (Mr.)</p>