Best Healthcare Services Comparison Platform 2020 - Australia
<p>Karista is the match.com of the disability care industry in Australia. We unlock the potential of people with a disability; so that they may live their best life, be included, and contribute to the world.</p> <p>Karista seamlessly assesses an individual&#8217;s need and matches them to provider/s that best suit the those needs. Karista’s process involves an individual assessment that collects unique information on the consumers’ needs and goals as well as preferences (e.g. gender, language). Karista then de-identifies the data, sends the information to providers so that the providers can respond with information on their services as well as pricing and terms. Karista then passes the information on the individuals seeking services so that they can choose which provider to move forward with. </p> <p>https://www.karista.com.au/</p>