Karriere, Kemo & Kampgejst

Best HR/Healthcare Collaboration Partner - Denmark
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<p>Let’s face the difficult situations, break down the taboos and open the dialogue when handling severe illness at work.</p> <p>It is not a matter of “if” but “when” a company will face an employee with a cancer diagnosis or another critical disease. But is management really up to handling such a situation?</p> <p>Both Lena Boel and Mads Hansen have been through cancer treatment and have experienced how difficult managers and colleagues find the situation. Today they help managers and colleagues by preparing them for the inevitable situation.</p> <p>Based on personal experiences and interviews with business managers and Danish elite sport coaches, the lecture “Karriere, Kemo &#038; Kampgejst” embraces the difficult situations and gives concrete advice on how to handle and support an employee with cancer or another critical disease.</p> <p>For further information please visit www.kkkampgejst.dk</p>