Best Neurological Disorder 3D Chip Developers 2020
Most Innovative Company in Microfluidic Architecture 2020
NETRI has unique expertise and technologies in microfluidics engineering. NETRI designs, fabricates and exploits 3D microfluidic chips dedicated to neuroscience, aiming at understanding the structural and functional mechanistic of neural circuits, neurological disorders or potential novel treatments. Using a multi-compartments approach, we can reproduce in vitro neural networks of every complexity up to connectome-on-chip. Using rodent or iPSCs cells, physiologically relevant conditions can be replicated using NETRI’s NeurofluidicsTM chips: • Multi-nodes neural/non-neural interfaces; • Neural circuit of every complexity; • Controlled structural connectivity; • Functional network recording; • Co-cultures in all nodes with fluid isolation; • Controlled microenvironment with disease related injury; • High throughput microscopy compliance; • Small amount of reagents. NETRI currently collaborates with pharmaceutical companies, CROs, academic researchers and medical doctors to accelerate the understanding of neural troubles mechanisms and the discoveries of new treatments. Contact person Thibault Honegger, PhD CSO, President and Co-Founder