Nordic Lab ApS

Best Ultra Low Temperature Laboratory Freezers & Accessories - Denmark
<p>Nordic Lab is a Danish manufacturer and supplier of laboratory freezers, based on a single stage compressor technology &#8211; proven in the market for more than 20 years. They are very reliable and have a very low maintenance level. Their stability and performance capabilities in combination with the low prices, make them some of the most competitive freezers on the market.</p> <p>The positioning of the Nordic Lab freezers is quite special in the market. Our products are complementary to the larger freezers, and our strategy is to focus on small sized and inexpensive freezers – e.g. most of our units are for decentralized and personal use in-lab. The aim in the product design is to give the end-user as trouble free ULT storage as possible.</p> <p>Today Nordic Lab has over 120 distributors in 55 countries worldwide.</p> <p>For further information please refer to</p>