Online Therapy New Zealand

Best Online Therapy Services 2020 - New Zealand
<p>Online Therapy was started in 2017 because we recognised a need for online counselling in New Zealand (NZ). NZ has almost 5 million people, and 14% live in rural areas. Since NZ had recently upgraded the country to fibre, it meant we could tap into those communities that were less likely to have counselling access.</p> <p>One in six New Zealanders have a common mental disorder diagnosis, and the farming community has a high suicide rate. Since we are now just a phone/video call away to provide support, we work will all mental health issues that are safe to deal with online. We are also the only private company in NZ that specialises specifically in online counselling.<br /> Website</p> <p>Telephone: +(64) 9 888 0779</p> <p>Email address:</p>