Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.

Most Innovative Sensor-Based Health Tech Company 2020
Best Plantar Pressure Monitoring Device: Orpyx® SI
Orpyx® SI Sensory Insoles with Remote Patient Monitoring help prevent diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) and neuropathy-related ulcers. By monitoring pressure, temperature, and movement, the Orpyx SI Sensory Insole system provides the wearer with real-time audiovisual alerts and allows them to immediately take action to resolve high-pressure areas that may lead to tissue breakdown. In parallel, through a cloud-based dashboard, healthcare providers can monitor real-world data, including pressure, temperature and adherence to identify trends and proactively make treatment decisions to help keep their patients' feet healthy. Orpyx SI Sensory Insoles provide the benefits of custom milled insoles with robust plantar sensing capabilities to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers. To learn more visit here: https://www.orpyx.com/about-orpyx-si