Planet Earth Creations Inc

Best Organic Food Product Company - USA
<p>Planet Earth Creations ( is a full natural &#038; organic fertilizer and<br /> amendment manufacturer focused on your cultivation needs. Our PREMIUM ORGANIC products are the<br /> BEST PRICES NATIONALLY! To express our dedication to premium quality we manufacture our “Compost<br /> Tea Blend” and the “Dry Mix/Fertilizer” with more than 25 clean materials providing vigorous vegetative<br /> growth and flower development. Here is a partial materials list: earthworm castings, humus, bat guano,<br /> seabird guano, fish meal, crab meal, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, blood &#038; bone meal, feather meal,<br /> langbeinite, rock phosphate, insect frass, neem seed meal, humates &#038; fulvates, mycorrhizae, beneficial<br /> bacteria…AND MORE!!!</p>