Professor Shanaya Rathod

Most Dedicated Consultant Psychiatrist 2020 (Hampshire): Prof. Shanaya Rathod
<p>Wessex Psychiatrist<br /> Where Your Experience Matters </p> <p>Professor Shanaya Rathod is a NHS Consultant Psychiatrist and Director of<br /> Research. She is passionate about exemplary and empathetic care and through<br /> astute leadership and wide-ranging research projects has influenced national<br /> strategy and held a number of leadership roles.<br /> She has been a Fellow of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence<br /> and publishes extensively in peer-reviewed journals. She has authored a number<br /> of books including: Back to Life, Back to Normality; Cultural Adaptation of CBT for<br /> Serious Mental illness; Brief Interventions in Psychosis; etc, especially on Cognitive<br /> Behaviour Therapy. She speaks regularly at prestigious national and international<br /> events. </p> <p>Website:</p>