Punar Rehab Solutions Private Limited

Most Innovative Stroke Rehabilitation Products Company - India
<p>Punar Rehab Solutions Private Limited is a company focused on creating the next generation robotic &#038; data driven rehab technologies. Patients recuperating from stroke, spinal cord injury or peripheral nerve damage generally suffer from muscle tightness (Spasticity). This is one of the most challenging issues in rehabilitation. The existing physiotherapy and rehabilitation devices are quite monotonous, primitive, painful and don&#8217;t provide quantifiable data to assess the recovery of a patient.There is no quantitative report of training sessions that can track the real time recovery of the patient. The only way to access the recovery of physiotherapy patients is the qualitative change in their ability to do certain tasks over a long period of time.</p> <p>Our solution comprises of an integrated compact system that is efficient and can generate real time feedback of the progress of the patients.<br /> This system includes the following:-<br /> &#8211; ‘Nucleus’ a portable hand muscle training module<br /> &#8211; ‘Q-Trainer’ that addresses the arm and shoulder mobility<br /> &#8211; Intelligent Hamstring Stretching Device ‘IHSD’ &#8211; a portable lower limb training module to address the calf, hamstring and lower back region.</p> <p>These devices come together to provide a complete rehabilitation for a post-stroke hemiplegic patient. </p> <p>While developing these devices and field visits, we realized that there is a need of affordable solutions for data driven rehabilitation. With the help of our accelerator we initiated “Program P.R.I.D.E” (Physical Rehabilitation using Intelligent and Data-Driven Equipment) wherein we modify the existing physiotherapy devices with our own modules to make them data driven.</p> <p>Contact email &#8211; contqct@punar.in<br /> Website &#8211; www.punar.in<br /> Instagram &#8211; https://instagram.com/punar.rehab</p>