Qlicksmart Pty Ltd

Most Innovative Medical Equipment Safety Product Developer 2020
<p>Qlicksmart Pty Ltd is committed to making healthcare professional’s lives easier and safer, so that they can focus on patient care. Established in 1999 by two Australian physicians to combat scalpel cuts in hospitals, our award-winning safety devices are now being used in over 50 countries worldwide. Qlicksmart works with innovators from the healthcare sector to deliver solutions which target the overlooked concerns of nurses, surgeons, and healthcare facilities. Our new Qlicksmart Digital Platform provides digital tools for each stage of sharps safety implementation, empowering healthcare facilities to reduce the risk of sharps injuries through accessible product evaluation and training.</p> <p>Website: www.qlicksmart.com<br /> Email: hello@qlicksmart.com</p>