Shiok Meats

Leading Innovators in Cruelty-Free Crustacean Meats 2020
Shiok Meats is a cell-based clean meat company, the first of its kind in Singapore and South-East Asia. Our mission is to bring delicious, clean and healthy seafood and meats by harvesting from cells instead of animals. Shiok Meats will bring cell-based crustacean meats (shrimp, crab, lobster) to your table. Our meats are animal-, health- and environment-friendly with the same taste, texture, more nutrients and no cruelty. “Shiok” in Singapore and Malay slang means fantastic and delicious. Shiok Meats is founded by two stem cell scientist-turned entrepreneurs, Dr Sandhya Sriram (CEO) and Dr Ka Yi Ling (CSO). The rest of the team consists of highly skilled scientists, engineers and food scientists. We are currently in R&D phase and will commercialise in a few years.