So Yes adaptive clothing

Best Adaptive Clothing Company - Belgium
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<p>So Yes is a brand with a mission: to support people as much as possible in their independence. So Yes stands for innovative clothing that lends a helping hand to people with or without physical disability. With a few smart adjustments, garments can make people&#8217;s lives a lot more comfortable, or even enable them to get dressed all by themselves. We believe that ingenious adaptations can be perfectly compatible with modern fashion. That&#8217;s why the So Yes collection reflects the fashion trends of the season. </p> <p>So Yes is an initiative from Sofie and Jessie who combined in 2016 their years of experience as occupational therapists towards the production of fashionable items of clothing. This is how So Yes, a clothing brand for people with a physical disability or age-related difficulties, was born. Right now, wheelchair trousers, wheelchair skirts, jackets with magnetic zippers and trousers with an elastic carry the So Yes label.</p> <p>Feel free to contact us!</p> <p></p> <p></p>