The Urology Hospital

Neurology Hospital of the Year - South Africa
<p>The Urology Hospital, the only specialised hospital of its</p> <p>kind anywhere in Africa, has been in existence for more than</p> <p>20 years as a centre of excellence in its field. With more than</p> <p>20 urologists under one roof, it offers unparalleled expertise</p> <p>in urology using the latest in highly specialised technology</p> <p>as well as nursing staff specially trained in urology. The</p> <p>hospital not only specialises in the treatment of male, female</p> <p>and paediatric urological conditions but also in uro-gynaecology</p> <p>and uro-nephrology. The hospital maintains its association</p> <p>with the academic world to ensure ongoing research, medical</p> <p>education and training in the development of urology.</p> <p></p>