Tiwi Medical Clinic

Best GP Medical Health Service - Northern Territory & Most Dedicated Cardiovascular Medicine Health Professional (Northern Territory): Dr. Shahin Alam
<p>Tiwi Medical Clinic is well established with a goodwill, owned and run by Dr Shahin Alam who is a VR and Specialist GP. Dr Alam has vast knowledge, experience and qualifications in various fields viz Cardiology, Psychiatry, Nutrition, PBL Tutoring, Aboriginal Health and many other areas beyond general practice field, which give him that extra confidence in dealing with versatility when consulting patients. Other staff include Practice Manager, Receptionists, Nurse and IT Technician who are all dedicated members of the Tiwi Medical Team. This is a professional GP Medical Clinic providing High Standard of Healthcare Service. </p> <p> http://www.tiwimedicalclinic.com</p>