Unity Wellness Group, LLC

Best Corporate Wellness Provider - Illinois
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<p>Unity Wellness Group was founded in 2008 with a goal in mind: To help bring health-transforming wellness programs to businesses and schools, resulting in less stress and more wellness, vitality and productivity. </p> <p>Unity Wellness Group provides effective practice-proven wellness programs that help organizations and schools reduce the negative effects of stress, prevent and manage disease and illness and enhance productivity and morale. This helps lower absenteeism, presenteeism and overall healthcare costs. Enlightened organizations understand that a healthy, happy people translates to high engagement and a culture that thrives. Contact Unity today to get Enlightened.</p> <p>Contact info:<br /> kristin@unitywellnessgroup.com<br /> www.unitywellnessgroup.com<br /> office: 708-4697256<br /> mobile:773-991-1106</p>