Viavi Limited

Most Patient-Centric Health Intelligence Facility 2020
<p>Viavi provides the world’s premier Health Evaluation and Health Strategy services. Based in<br /> the Harley Street area of London, Viavi has global reach, with clients using its services from<br /> around the globe. It was recently described in a television documentary as “the Rolls-Royce<br /> of MOTs”<br /> The Viavi Health Strategy services utilise the most scientifically advanced tests and<br /> diagnostic techniques to provide clients with the most comprehensive understanding of<br /> their health available in the world today. And with this knowledge, a clear future strategy is<br /> created, and on-going support provided to manage future health.<br /> Whether it’s about helping resolve a serious health concern, reducing the risk of future<br /> disease, the wish to ensure quality aging, or the need to maintain energy, appearance and<br /> performance, Viavi will provide the choices and support to help clients to take control and<br /> be the best that they can be. </p> <p></p>