Viavi Limited

Most Patient-Centric Health Intelligence Facility 2020

Viavi provides the world’s premier Health Evaluation and Health Strategy services. Based in
the Harley Street area of London, Viavi has global reach, with clients using its services from
around the globe. It was recently described in a television documentary as “the Rolls-Royce
of MOTs”
The Viavi Health Strategy services utilise the most scientifically advanced tests and
diagnostic techniques to provide clients with the most comprehensive understanding of
their health available in the world today. And with this knowledge, a clear future strategy is
created, and on-going support provided to manage future health.
Whether it’s about helping resolve a serious health concern, reducing the risk of future
disease, the wish to ensure quality aging, or the need to maintain energy, appearance and
performance, Viavi will provide the choices and support to help clients to take control and
be the best that they can be.