VR Therapies

Most Innovative Sensory Experience Provider - East Midlands
VR Therapies Founder and nurse therapist Rebecca Gill said “We’re very proud to win this award, recognising the innovative virtual reality wellbeing therapies we provide to young people and elderly communities. At our world-leading multi-sensory Centre in Northampton, everything comes to life - from the furniture to the walls, where you paint with fire or walk on the moon, where you hear colour and feel sound, all through VR. Our Centre also provides a world-first combination of hydrotherapy with underwater VR headsets, allowing everyone to experience the magic of swimming with dolphins! Since we founded VR Therapies and know how positive the effects are on improving mental health and wellbeing, it’s great to have the Health industry recognise our work and we hope to provide VR wellbeing therapies to more people through our recently-launched Company Wellbeing Experience for teams in workplaces across the country