Best Health Media Company - North America
<p>A half-century of evidence-based behavioral-modeling science informs Wellflix<br /> telemedicine which shows – not just tells – recovering patients how to enact their<br /> in-home self-care activities. Designed in collaboration with a Harvard Medical<br /> School teaching hospital (Cambridge, MA, USA), each Wellflix video is tailored to<br /> the individual patient’s age, gender, ethnicity, and language, which significantly<br /> improves successful health outcomes. </p> <p>Wellflix unique award-winning patient-tailored behavioral-modeling telemedicine<br /> has been adopted in medical centers nationally, and is currently under study in a<br /> 732-subject clinical trial at a major US research hospital. </p> <p>To view Wellflix Heart-Failure Patient Recovery video series, click here. </p> <p> Info@Wellflix.net 1-877-WELLFLIX (1-877-935-5354) www.Wellflix.net</p>