GHP December

24 | ghp December 2016 A Step Above and Beyond fter a degree in Chemistry at Oxford, Nick first worked for Torchbox, a small Oxfordshire company focused especially on the charitable sector. As he says, “here I first got properly involved in Open Source, which has proven to be an amazing resource for Professional Development, as well as for technology to solve business problems.” After a stint spent solving hard Content and Workflow/ Process problems at Alfresco, he moved to his present occupation at Quanticate, as CTO. Upon joining Quanticate, Nick found to be a company offering a stark contrasting figure against a market filled with full-service CROs. Indeed, Quanticate positions itself as the world’s largest data focused CRO. “As well as providing expertise across all clinical data services,” Nick describes, “we have a number of technology solutions to help solve real-world clinical trial challenges. Coupled with our expertise in clinical data management and statistical consultancy, we solve problems around Data Management, Remote Monitoring / rSDV and Visualisations.” The bedrock of Quaniticate’s tech platform, which Nick makes use of every day, is its IQ portal, which provides our customers and staff the ability to collaborate more effectively online with study teams, for data, documents, reports and visualisations, with targeted help from some key open source technologies. By bringing together data, information, knowledge and documents from disparate systems, with easy-to-use interfaces, timely reminders and updates, study staff are enabled to make faster decisions and optimal commercialization. “Remote Clinical Data Monitoring, or RCDM, is Quanticate’s innovative new data-driven approach to clinical monitoring,” Nick continues. “This combines aspects of Remote Source Data Verification (rSDV), Remote Monitoring, Centralized Monitoring and Advanced Visualizations, optional with Risk Based Monitoring (RBM). It’s all powered by our IQ system. Unlike some pure-Technology providers, instead of offering a disjointed set of pieces, Quanticate delivers a proven complete service offering to solve your monitoring needs. By approaching monitoring from a data perspective, rather than one based on expensive bodies- on-the-ground, Quanticate’s RCDM solution delivers higher quality monitoring with cost savings. “Today’s trials generate ever-more data, and making sense of it can be hard. We’ve developed a series of visualisations and reports to try aid staff with problems they face. Our DM customers get a standard set of Tables, Listings and Figures (TLFs) at no additional cost. For those using Risk Based Monitoring, but also for those on traditional techniques, promptly identifying outliers (accidental or otherwise) is key to allowing timely investigation and corrective actions. Our solution is informed by our extensive statistical experience, and is tailored to specific endpoints and review cycles. It permits broad review, then easy deep-dive into specific areas of interest or concern, all informed by literature and statistical knowledge, both of which are specialist areas of Nick’s. As Nick himself comes from a very technological background, he sees one of the ways in which he can help to develop the healthcare sector is by learning Quanticate is a leading global biometrics company focused Clinical Research Organization (CRO), primarily focused on the management, analysis and reporting of data from clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance. As Experts in Clinical Data, Quanticate provides high quality teams that offer efficient outsourcing solutions for Clinical Data Management, Biostatistics, SAS Programming, Medical Writing, Pharmacovigilance and Source Data Verification. Company CTO – recognised as CTO of the Year – Nick Burch describes both his role in the company and the way in which his technologically-inspired leadership has created a lasting change within the company that maintains its enduring success. A Research & Development