GHP December

ghp December 2016 | 25 about a wide range of new systems and technologies, then by letting the industry know about which of these ‘coming soon’ options are worth investigation. “As a sector, we tend to be a little conservative in what technology and solutions we adopt, quite possibly because we put our “risk budget” onto other things. That means that we have the chance to see what is out there, and pick likely winners to investigate and adopt. I am therefore currently a frequent speaker and attendee at Big Data and at Open Source related conferences, where I participate in sharing through speaking at Industry events, and through the Quanticate blog. “Our sector also has different technology requirements to many, especially around Validation, and around Privacy and Integrity. What we require to undergo Clinical Systems Validation (CSV) can come as a big surprise to technologists used to other areas, and I frequently encounter confusion caused by different meanings of key words around CSV. I hope that by de-mystifying CSV to non-Clinical technologists, our adoption of new tech can be quicker and easier.” Most of Nick’s team is based in India, and he remarks that other than having to cope with the time-zone differences or occasional cultural separations, they are responsible for performing amazing work in turning the company’s ideas into reality, developing pioneering projects with genuine prospect to change healthcare delivery for the better. “Otherwise,” Nick adds, “I rely heavily on Quanticate’s experts in various clinical areas, to make sure we don’t just ‘do the technology’, but that we actually solve real healthcare problems. Helping customers to safely change how they work is at the core of Quanticate’s mission statement. Nick summarises by saying, “our RCDM solution moves away from 100 per cent source data verification, and moves some on-site monitoring to remote. Despite regulator guidance and acceptance on the theory from the FDA and other global regulatory bodies, there’s an intrinsic fear of flouting regulatory compliance within the conduct of a clinical trial. We need to help educate the industry and customers on the latest regulatory compliance, so they can feel confident adopting technology for certain pieces for more effective and efficient trials.” “ we have a number of technology solutions to help solve real-world clinical trial challenges. Coupled with our expertise in clinical data management and statistical consultancy, we solve problems around Data Management, Remote Monitoring / rSDV and Visualisations. ”