GHP Q3 2018

12 GHP / Q3 2018 , Creating Strong Value in Biosimilars mAbxience is a high growth international biotechnology company founded in Spain. We profile the firm as we look to gain an insight into its ongoing and impressive success. Founded in 2009, mAbxience Research is a global biopharmaceutical company specialising in research, development and manufacturing of biosimilars for the treatment and/or prevention of several diseases in diverse therapeutic areas. Valuing people’s lives, life and lives is the driving force behind mAbxience, and life is at the heart of the company’s vision. The company’s mission is to deliver the best solutions it can, bringing hope to as many people as possible. Enabling the team to provide great products and solutions are Biosimilar medicines, which ensure people access to treatment, and also contribute to the sustainability of healthcare systems worldwide. Building long-term relationships and partnerships is a highlight of the success of mAbxience. The company values trust, and this is built on the experience of a dynamic, multi-disciplinary and highly qualified team. Establishing fantastic team cohesion, the team are unified in their targets and work with a focus on quality in everything it does. Aiming to expand, mAbxience’s growth is driven by passion and commitment which enable it to enter any market, and adapt to challenges with dedication and talent. Boasting a team of experts, internally, mAbxience relies on a versatile and dynamic, young team who all work with the same goal in mind. Dedicated and ambitious, whilst also committed to the cause, the team is supported by a management team brimming with experience. Well-renowned throughout the industry, the company belongs to the Spanish multi-national CHEMO, a group committed to investing in all areas of business and which draws on 40 years of experience and more than 6,000 professionals across 40 countries around the world. Innovative and modern, mAbxience works hard to stay ahead of advances and developments in the market. Using the very latest innovative technology, the company is able to develop and manufacture biosimilars. Holding a global presence, in its armoury the organisation possesses two manufacturing plants: in South America (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and in Europe (León, Spain). Its headquarters are in Europe, in Madrid (Spain), with another office in Lugano (Switzerland). Adopting an approach which helps mAbxience to stand out in the industry, the excellent team strives to ensure that every product which is provided to patients is highly similar to the reference product and only of the highest quality. Producing solutions and products which are unrivalled in the medicine sector is a key aspect of what differentiates mAbxience from its competitors, and this ethos is drummed into the internal culture within the company. This is a methodology which guides the team in each of its decisions. There is a real focus on excellence throughout the entire development process, with the firm referring to it as fingerprint-like, biosimilars by design. Developing and creating methods which work are vital to the success of the firm. Focused on quality and efficacy, the company’s methodology results in the delivery of the highest quality products to patients all over the world. This is the reason why mAbxience chooses only the latest technology to develop the very best products. Committed to accessibility and health, mAbxience has developed an assortment of partnerships which contribute to the quality of the company. Through the CHEMO group, mAbxience collaborates LI170025