GHP - 2018 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards

12 GHP / 2018 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards , From the very beginning of its history, TEC has been dedicated to the idea that everyone is entitled to the most healthy and vital lifestyle that they are capable of obtaining. Transformation’s Founder and CSO, DicQie Fuller-Looney, D.Sc., Ph.D., ND, CNC, is the pioneer in enzyme nutrition with has more than 30 years of clinical experience specializing in the proven therapeutic effects of enzymes, nutrient acquisition, and the critical role digestion plays in health and wellness. The firm was established by Dr. DicQie Fuller when she formulated her own line of enzyme-based dietary supplements in May 1991. She chose the name “Transformation” for her high quality enzyme formulations. Ken Looney joined the company in late 1994 as Chairman and CEO after meeting Dr. Fuller and working with her at several educational workshops and seminars. She had relocated the company from Colorado to the Scottsdale suburb of Phoenix and, although it was doing well, its growth potential seemed limited. The time was ripe for taking Transformation to the next level. In 1995, Ken and DicQie moved the company to Houston, AMH18008 Best for Quality Enzyme Nutrition Supplements and Education - USA Transformation Enzyme Corporation (TEC) is a progressive company in alternative and complementary health care that has led the industry in product formulation and clinical enzyme research and continues to research and develop enzyme-based dietary supplements and other innovative products and protocols for health professionals worldwide. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its incredible success. where they assembled a staff of professionals and began to train and develop a small group of distributors. Initially, this eclectic group only shared a belief in the products and a desire to help people. However, as business shaped and nurtured those intentions, more distributors and markets were explored. Transformation began to grow by leaps and bounds. The company remains privately held and has grown rapidly with annual sales escalating from a few hundred thousand dollars to multiple millions. Current trends and realistic projections show this growth curve to be still in its infancy. Today TEC sells to health professionals, clinics, and pharmacies worldwide. What was once a basic product line has increased to include many different formulations, including its new Transcendence and Zymes 4 Kidz product lines, many of which are available for private label. Supported by an Advisory Board that is the envy of the industry, TEC’s nutritional research and development team continues to develop and test new product concepts to further meet the needs of health professionals. Additionally, the firm is also a leader in Wellness Evaluation Technologies with its BioDézyne™ program. TEC believes evaluation technology should provide dynamic and intuitive reports creating an interactive discussion about health and wellbeing. Transformation’s goal with all evaluations is to create an awareness of where someone is on the wellness spectrum that is intuitively understood and provides an opportunity to engage in education and discussion of individualized solutions and responsibilities to gain optimum health. The firm draws on the expertise of Dr. Fuller-Looney, who is the author of the landmark book The Healing Power of Enzymes, now in a revised edition. She has also co-authored Living Longer: Questions You Never Knew To Ask, Answers You Can’t Live Without with Dr. Dick Couey of Baylor University and The M Club: Survive Menopause and Feel Great Again with the Healing Power of Enzymes. “Dr. DicQie” regularly teaches health care professionals both nationally and internationally and has appeared on ABC, PBS, and several national radio talk shows as an expert on enzyme therapy. She is responsible for ongoing product formulation, drawing from over three decades of clinical experience for every new product she creates. It is the firm’s clinical focus is what sets them apart from the crowd. TEC emerged and has grown from the principles of a clinical practice. It is through its team of clinicians that it has gained the experience necessary to support the practitioner. All of its products are clinically proven to give results practitioners can count on. Transformation takes great care to provide quality supplements, education, and protocols focusing on what works for improved patient outcomes. As Dr. Fuller explains, “I personally believe good health is not an unobtainable privilege meant to be savored only by the fortunate, but rather it is a right that should be enjoyed by anyone who is willing to take the time to learn how to take care of his or her own body. I have dedicated myself to the idea that everyone is entitled to the healthiest and vital lifestyle they are capable of obtaining. In 1991 when I founded Transformation Enzyme Corporation, I formulated my own line of enzyme-based dietary supplements. I wanted to be sure I could provide the