Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 2019

6 GHP / 2019 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards , Acupuncture That Works Acupuncture That Works: Acupuncture Clinic of the Year 2019 - UK With clinics inNorthwich and Chester, Acupuncture That Works brings its unique approach to this traditional therapy seeing a wide variety of patients across the NorthWest. Having recognised the firm in this year’s AlternativeMedicine &Holistic Health Awards we profile it to find out more. Acupuncture That Works is one of the fastest growing acupuncture brands in the UK with a dedicated team of experts led by Emma Guy. Emma discovered acupuncture after she had a period of illness with Ulcerative Colitis and because it benefited her so much she fell in love with it. She wanted to help others, so she decided to change careers and retrained to become an Acupuncturist. Today she and her expert team work hard to ensure that every patient receives first-class treatment that is tailored to meet their individual needs. Thanks to its dedicated team, Acupuncture That Works aims to meet the demand for acupuncture in the North West of the UK and provide its patients with a quality service that they can rely on. The firm uses Acupuncture, the ancient Eastern art of providing therapy to individuals who have ailments, as their cornerstone. The principle is that if you are suffering from pain it is because the body’s Qi (Chi) has been disturbed, and the process involves the insertion of very fine needles into the ‘channels’, which Eastern medicine believe flow around your body, helping Qi to flow and to re-establish a balance between the body’s Yin and Yang. Estimates vary but records show that Acupuncture has been practiced continuously for over 3,000 years and is regarded as one of the most ancient practiced forms of therapy known to man. People experiencing pain often suffer with a build up of lactic acid and carbon monoxide that accumulate in muscle tissue and this can cause stiffness. It can also create abnormal pressure on nerves, lymph nodes and the blood vessels which will often manifest in adversely affecting the function of the skeletal system and internal organs. Integrating traditional Acupuncture with modern twists, Acupuncture That Works supports a wide range of patients, presenting with a diverse range of ailments. Whilst the team make no guarantees that their solution will be a complete cure, they have the experience and expertise to work alongside patients to bring them short term relief from pain in certain circumstances. Looking towards the future, Acupuncture That Works is seeking to enhance its already impressive success by growing even further, whilst at the same time remaining committed to providing its patients with the same quality treatment and expert support that they have come to rely on. Contact Details: Company: Acupuncture That Works Contact: Emma-Claire Guy Website: