Biotechnology Awards 2020

6 GHP / 2020 Biotechnology Awards , “Treatment through our Environmental Ecosystems renders a non-toxic biomass available for use in the manufacture of new products,” explains sustainability leader Joanne. “The firm began as I became increasingly aware of issues within the roofing and building materials sector as clients wanted to become as waste-free as possible. “Construction and demolition waste typically contains toxins, like PAH and heavy metals, and it was becoming an increasing concern globally to dispose of, or reuse, these items. Many municipalities were banning PAH-containing materials because they are a known carcinogen, so there was, and still is, much environmental concern around their disposal. “The waste management sector is currently a $240bn market, with construction and demolition waste being the fourth largest contributor to that sector. Analysts predict that globalization will require we build a city the size of Paris or New York every week for the next 40 years, meaning the construction and demolition markets will grow by 13% year-over-year as a result. If we don’t start to consider how to treat this waste stream as a resource, we will be overwhelmed with all the new debris. “Therefore, developing a path forward that offers a greener alternative is paramount. The Mycocycle process is able to neutralize toxins in these Mycocycle, LLC Leading Experts in Converting Waste-to-Value Streams 2020 & Most Transcendent Company in Ecosystem Engineering – 2020 Environmental and remediation company,Mycocycle, promotes a closed loop supply converting carbonwaste to ausable by-product. This is doneusing a process todecarbonizewaste streams using fungi viamycoremediation. Founder JoanneRodriguez tells usmore about this innovative process. wastes streams to create a waste- to-resource alternative.” Mycocycle’s patent-pending technology will clean up toxins in materials and to develop a more regenerative approach to the manufacture of next generation materials. Currently, Mycocycle does not have competitors as no other companies can offer a natural end-to-end waste-to- resource process quite like this one. Joanne embellishes. “We are working to develop our own in-house laboratories so we can be more expedient in our R&D, but we are also developing opportunities with university partners globally so we can advance research universally. Also, we have been nominated by the United Nations SDG Impact Innovations Award panel as one of the 50 technologies that support solutions focused on the Sustainable Development Goals as well as innovation. “We are proud to be pioneering the thought leadership which is acutely focused on changing views of waste streams to value streams using mycology. We hope that it will drive more applications of biomimicry in process methods, as well as to harness myco-remediation as a technology and elevate the usage of fungi in multiple ways.” For emerging technologies such as Mycocycle’s the market has a proven readiness with research and reports already addressing the impact of mushrooms on the biopharma market. As a small but growing company, Mycocycle is focused on building a framework that encourages collaboration, diversity and innovation. “With regards to the future, Mycocycle has multiple plans and projects in development. As such we are raising funds to accelerate those plans and collapse the time to market. We are scaling our beta while developing new methodologies all on a very small budget. Outside funding will allow us to bring in more people to build out and grow our processes across all markets. “Part of what we are developing is to work across regions to develop a network of mycelial leaders - all of whom will work within their networks - so we can offer more localised solutions as we grow the opportunities. We see the need to empower participation across the board. By doing this we will encourage growth of the science of mycology, growth of the adoption of the process, and growth in the creativity of the solution because we know we don’t have all the answers. Balance is key to our success and foundational to our organisation.” Contact Details: Contact: Joanne Rodriguez Company: Mycocycle, LLC Web Address: