Biotechnology Awards 2021

22 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 , Mar21513 Yapan Bio is India’s emerging Biotechnology company serving the niche market of Custom Development andManufacturing for Vaccines and Biologics/Biotherapeutics. Offering end- to-end services in Process Development, Characterisation and GMPManufacturing, Yapan is a trusted and valued partner to biotech and biopharma companies around the world. Based at Genome Valley in Hyderabad, India, a thriving hub of the Life Sciences Industry, Yapan Bio is well-situated to be the collaborative partner to global biotech and biopharma corporations. The Contract Process Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) serves the industry as a leading developer and manufacturer of vaccines, biologics and bio-therapeutics for human clinical trials. As one of the very few CDMOs to have a focus in the niche and high potential field of vaccines and biologics, including gene therapy, Yapan relies heavily on world-class Research and Development married with compliant, highly efficient technologies to facilitate the firm’s fully integrated capabilities. Yapan’s services are broken down into four key areas of Process Development, Process Characterisation, GMP Manufacturing and Additional Support, that includes Third Party CRO management for outsourced activities and testing, short-term product storage, and product supply and distribution. From early-stage research to robust process development and scale-up to GMP manufacturing, Yapan is able to support a broad spectrum of cell-culture, viral and microbial based systems that form the basis of research and innovation in biosciences, thanks to the team with decades of industry experience and market- leading resources. One To Watch The Yapan facility is designed and qualified to operate at Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) and Biosafety Level 2+ (BSL- 2+), in order to safely work with infectious materials that are required for research, development and manufacturing in the fields for vaccines and gene therapy. Designed in accordance with global GMP guidelines, the site handles multi-product processing with segregation between organisms, products, technologies, as well as processing steps and components that are varying in levels of cleanliness. Across its two suites, the Yapan facility provides state-of-the-art tools and technologies required to explore the full scope of complex biologics, cell technology, and vaccine development, a feat that is currently unmatched within the global sphere of biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals. Recognising that its niche expertise means Yapan is trusted by biotech and biopharma companies around the world for specific research and high containment requirement products, the firm adheres to strict quality control measures, and an ethos of customisable, flexible integrated services for clients. Depending on the scope or scale of a project, Yapan is able to offer a versatile partnership structure in a milestone or FTE-based collaboration with clients. Those clients are able to benefit from the insights of a strong team with extensive experience in developing vaccines and biologics from initial conception to commercial scale GMP manufacturing. Led by founders Atin Tomar and Nirav Desai, Yapan takes a results-oriented approach to supporting its clients, employing its characteristic agility and innovation to cultivate bespoke solutions in research and development of vaccines or biologic products. Adhering to strict standards for safety and quality, Yapan offers its clients inimitable products based on outstanding research and with the potential for expansion through later stage development and manufacturing, giving clients sustainability in their solutions that is unmatched across the industry. This year, Yapan adds its recognition as the Best Emerging Biotechnology Company of India to its roster of previous accolades, among which is the firm’s proud title of ‘The Company To Watch Out For’ at the 4th Annual Asia Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards 2020 (Singapore). As the firm continues to look ahead to further innovation in its research and expansion in its capabilities, there is no doubt we can continue to see big things from Yapan in its future of growth. Contact: Atin Tomar Company: Yapan Bio Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Emerging Biotechnology Company – India