Biotechnology Awards 2021

26 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2021 , One of the biggest things on the world’s agenda at this moment in time is the focus on the environment, and eliminating any strains or stresses that are unnecessarily meaning the environment is at risk. Mycocycle Inc. is a firm that is focused on delivering solutions made possible through nature itself. Discover more about the firm as we take a deep dive into what makes it such an outstanding winner in this years’ Biotechnology Awards from Global Health & Pharma Magazine. At its core, Mycocycle is all about developing and commercializing various technologies that utilize the science of mycology, or the scientific study of fungi. By utilizing some of the world’s leading technologies, Mycocycle focuses its service offerings on eliminating a significant strain on ecosystems. Primarily, the way in which this works is by having a process that diverts materials from landfills through bioremediation, allowing for reuse as a feedstock in manufacturing, or to be recycled in other applications. Ultimately, the firm’s goal can be summed up by its much-deserved award title: Leading Experts in Converting Waste-to-Value Streams 2021. However, what does converting waste stream into value streams look like? Perhaps one of the best ways to imagine this is to take a key example such as the removal of a roof. Upon the removal of said roof, there is a lot of rubbish and leftover trash that is construction and demolition debris. Until now, the roofing industry and other asphalt and chemical manufacturers have not been able to achieve zero-waste because the products manufactured were ultimately contaminated with toxic constituents. This is where Mycocycle comes in the picture, and changes the game like never LeadingExperts inConverting Waste-to-Value Streams 2021 Feb21539 before. Rather than simply take the industry for the state it is in, Mycocycle addresses this problem head-on by remediating toxic constituents and doing so in a manner that is both cost- effective and sustainable. Once these toxic constituents have been remediated, the results speak for themselves. Mycocycle provides its customers and clients with a result that is a renewable by-product that is resistant to both fire and water, and can also be manufactured into new products. Using this wealth of outstanding elements to the by-product, Mycocycle is thereby allowing the process to further pay for itself within the closed-loop ecosystem. This biomaterial can be rendered for uses in both a commercial and industrial setting, and can take the form of a myriad of new products. The potential here is seemingly limitless, and the work of these mycologists in applying lab-cultivated fungi to shredded waste materials is nothing short of exceptional. There are three core beliefs and concepts that underpin the work that goes on at Mycocycle. Each of these is focused on a different part of the service offered, and they are all about reducing waste, improve sustainability, and helping the planet. Reducing waste is something that has been explored already, but the commitment to improving sustainability revolves around the firm working towards a goal of contributing to a closed-loop supply chain, converting waste into non-toxic materials for reuse. This commitment perfectly supplements the desire from Mycocycle to help the planet, addressing the breakdown of harmful chemicals and potentially eliminating millions of tons of solid waste per year. Mycocycle is also responsible for supporting four of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals through its various processes. The four in question are SDG’s 9, 11, 12, and 15, which are Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Life on Land respectively. These goals are globally important, and can help drive innovation, increase equity in sustainability, and are recognised worldwide as a measurable framework. Furthermore, Mycocycle has just opened its offices in the European Union with a base in Poland. There, the firm will be expanding its research opportunities over the next few months, and will no doubt achieve bigger and better things than ever before. Waste has long been something that humanity has indulged in, throwing away far more than is necessary for the sake of convenience. Now, however, Mycocycle presents itself as a brilliantly innovative solution to an age-old problem. With founder Joanne Rodriguez also featuring in the Forbes The Next 1000 2021 list, the future of this fantastic firm is brighter than ever, and the world of waste to value streams is about to get a whole lot bigger and better. Company: Mycocycle, Inc. Contact: Joanne Rodriguez Website: