Biotechnology Awards 2022

10 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2022 , Jan22270 Havingworkedhardover the past 18months tomake itself a cornerstone of theworld’s pharmaceutical development industry,Meteoric Biopharmaceticals’s products have become known as some of themostwell-researched, competitive, andwell-supplied in the industry. It has funnelled significant effort into securing reliable supply lines during this time of tumult, able to in this manner continue to supply and createmuch-neededCovid-19medications and solutions across its industrydespite the constant disruptions to shipping and fulfilment inmost sectors. Best Enzymes & Enzymatic Preparations Specialist - Asia Meteoric Biopharmaceticals, an organisation that has been making a name for itself since its founding in 2006, is a onestop biological solutions company that offers services such enzyme production, probiotics, nutraceuticals, finished formulations, animal health care products, and plant and herbal extracts. Fundamentally, by handling each of these solutions in-house, it secures itself as a linchpin of its industry and a one-stop-solution for biological formulae both, being a B2B company that wishes to promote the utmost quality of service within itself and the wider food and pharmaceuticals industries both. Its focus, therefore, lies in biological solutions that will help the world to find new versions of the biological products that the world relies on, many of which are fast depleting or not being farmed in a sustainable manner due to abundance of demand. It hopes that these innovations will also replace the prevailing current synthetic solutions on the market that some of it peers have created, especially since some of these can be harmful when consumed over long periods of time. Thus, it has funnelled significant effort into researching the best of each of the currently available solutions, from the plant to the animal and those developed by bio-processes, bringing together these threads of knowledge to develop a new probiotic range. At present it holds 9 probiotic patents and has 10 more under process that it is sure will be ready to be widely released sooner rather than later, pulling through the tumult of the past 18 months by throwing itself into research and ensuring that each of the clients it has taken on are looked after. This has ensured that despite the disruptions to supply chains, the worldwide tumult, and other extraneous factors, Meteoric has continued operation flawlessly, securing new supply lines through which it could get its essential ingredients and throwing itself into helping the world’s pharmaceutical companies to find the components needed for Covid-19 medicines and formulations. The output and supply of essential ingredients was increased, and an efficient supply chain managed, gaining it more clients and partners as it consistently demonstrated its effectiveness. Additionally, it developed and launched various immunomodulators during this time, as well as supplements and end-to-end solutions. Each of these boasted a tight turnaround and a renewed focus for the company that directed it to immune function products, health supplements, and an increased awareness of biological processes, benefitting from the boom in the Indian biologics market and using its current success as a springboard to further research. At present, it exports to over 70 different countries, maintaining its pedigree as a HALAL, STAR K-KOSHER, FSSAI, ISO22000, and HACCP certified company, reducing comparative costs and risks posed by its competitors, and boasting a group of talented staff who have made this all possible. As it moves into the future, it plans to launch more probiotic and prebiotic solutions, increasingly demonstrating its dedication to social corporate responsibility along every step of the way. Company: Meteoric Biopharmaceticals Contact: Gaurav Kaushik Website: