Biotechnology Awards 2022

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2022 21 , Jan22534 ResBiotic is pioneering probiotics that go beyond the gut to support other bodily systems. The company’s physician-scientist founders were among the first to sequence the lungmicrobiome and explore the mechanismof the gut-lung axis. Most Innovative Probiotic Supplement Product 2022: resB™ Lung Support After nearly a decade of research at the intersection of microbiome science and lung health, ResBiotic’s founders tested live probiotic bacteria independently, as a blend, and in combination with bioactive botanicals to develop a proprietary formula that supports lung structure and function. This led to ResBiotic’s flagship product, resB™ Lung Support – a first-in-class probiotic for gut, lung, and immune health. It used to be that few people thought about their respiratory system unless they were suffering from a condition that affected their ability to breathe. The pandemic has changed the degree to which people think about everyday lung health. Gone are the days when we take our lungs for granted: consumers are embracing a more proactive mindset about health and immunity. This made it an opportune time to launch a probiotic that goes beyond the gut to support healthy respiratory and immune systems. Within the industry, sciencebacked supplement companies face the challenge of striking the balance of efficacy and accessibility. The probiotic supplement industry is undergoing a time of rapid growth, and unfortunately, there are a lot of products out there that aren’t grounded in strong scientific evidence. Chief Customer Officer, Maggie Belshé said, “We take science very seriously here, which means spending a great deal of time and money to both understand mechanisms of action and conduct human clinical studies of our products. We take pride in being a premium product grounded in specific evidence, but we also know that our price point is a reach for many of the consumers who need support for their respiratory health the most. One of the most important challenges on our minds is finding ways to make world-class, science-backed supplements like resB™ Lung Support accessible for the wider population.” Indeed, the FDA and FTC regulations are incredibly important for dietary supplement companies. Every batch of resB™ Lung Support is cultured, concentrated, lyophilised (freezedried), jet-milled, analysed for impurities, and precisionblended according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) from FDA-compliant manufacturing facilities, and sent to customers from its FDA-registered fulfilment centre. The company only releases products to the public that have met stringent quality, purity, and analytical testing requirements. ResBiotic also has rigorous SOPs around marketing and customer experience functions. For example, it takes great care not to make any direct or implied disease claims. ResBiotic is a fast-paced, mission-driven, and resultsoriented environment. In order to build a team of likeminded entrepreneurs, the company has developed a rigorous, multi-step hiring process. Each step is designed to ensure the applicant’s vision and mission are aligned with the company’s and their strategic and tactical abilities fit an organic approach to executing the role. Alongside recruiting new team members, ResBiotic is focused on a number of ongoing clinical studies and publication works for 2022, and it is also gearing up for the launch of a second product towards the end of the year. Company: ResBiotic Contact: Maggie Belshé, Chief Customer Officer Email: [email protected] Website: